The Residential Care Strike Team continues to monitor weekly COVID-19 surveillance testing activity at facilities with the eighth amended Public Health Order 20-20.

  •  Any facility that has not reported 100% staff vaccination in Colorado Health Facilities Interactive (CoHFI) will be expected to continue submitting weekly PCR samples and performing daily rapid tests.

  • Any facility that has lapsed in weekly testing and has less than 100% staff vaccination rates will be referred to the health facility inspector team to receive surveys.

  • If your facility does have 100% of staff fully vaccinated, and you believe you may discontinue weekly surveillance testing, please reach out to residentialcarestriketeam@state.co.us to request approval for discontinuing testing. Facilities partnered with Mako may fill out this form to request cancellation of recurring courier pickups.


Rapid Point of Care Testing

CDPHE has released guidance mandating daily rapid testing on unvaccinated individuals.

  • All staff who are not fully vaccinated must perform rapid testing at the beginning of each shift. The test does not need to be completed before entering the building or before the shift starts, but it should be done as soon as possible. Contact with other individuals, both residents and staff, should be minimized until test results have been received. 

  • Unvaccinated residents who have left the facility overnight in the last 14 days must be rapid tested at approximately the same time each day.

  • Facilities are responsible for regularly ordering their own supply of Bulk Binax tests by filling out this form

    • Facilities should be advised that it may take up to five days for shipments to arrive. It is strongly encouraged to order a month’s worth of tests at a time and to place orders before the facility has less than a week’s worth of supplies left on-hand.

    • If a facility has completely depleted their supply of rapid tests or is expected to deplete the supply within three days, please fill out the reorder form and email residentialcarestriketeam@state.co.us to request an expedited shipment.

  • All facilities are required to have a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) waiver to perform this testing. Facilities that do not currently have one should contact residentialcarestriketeam@state.co.us immediately.

    • Please note that obtaining a CLIA waiver is mandatory for all facilities, regardless of the facility’s vaccination status.

Rapid Point of Care Testing Resources: