COVID-19 resources for students

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Students distance in class and wear masks

COVID-19 has made life harder for some of us, and life was already hard in some cases. Changes to our daily lives and worries about how this will all work out can feel overwhelming. Maybe it feels like too much.  

Your feelings are valid. You don’t need to be ashamed if you feel anxious or afraid, and you don’t have to carry these things alone. Whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re afraid of, there’s a good chance that millions of people in this exact moment feel exactly the same.

It’s OK to ask for help. It’s not weak; it’s brave, and it gives others permission to ask for help too. Others help us find resources and new ideas about what to do. We can help each other feel less alone. This is a time to lean on each other.

Everyone struggles at times, but if a problem is lasting too long, is too intense or feels like more than you can handle, that is a sign to reach out for help.  

If you are immediately concerned about yourself or a friend, use the following resources:

It’s important to learn the warning signs of suicide, self-harm, and substance abuse.

Look for changes in behavior or personality.

Trust your gut. If you’re worried about yourself or a friend, don’t hesitate to get help. You don’t have to know what is wrong - just that you or someone else is struggling.

Be direct with your friends. Tell them you’re worried and why, ask them how they’re feeling, and offer to reach out to a professional and/or family member with them or for them.

COVID-19 can be scary or overwhelming. But we are in this together. Reach out to someone you know. Make a connection to those who are there to listen.